In cooperation with Swedbank small home loan, buying a My Cabin holiday home is easier than ever. 

A simple solution if you’re looking to buy a property without a down payment. 

  • Loan amount up to 20 000 €

  • Money available in your account immediately after setting up the contract

  • No down payment

  • Loan period up to 10 years

  • Choose your preferred payment date

  • No property valuation is required

Mortgage loan

Become a My Cabin client and receive a special offer for a mortgage loan from Swedbank and fulfill your dream of an ideal holiday home.

  • 25% discount on loan issuance fee with My Cabin discount code

  • Free evaluation using discount code

  • Loan amount up to 200,000 €

  • Loan term up to 30 years, dividing the repayment into smaller installments

  • Get a loan for both My Cabin construction and purchase of land

  • Get loan payment insurance at a better price