With more classic building processes, you end up having to live with a big mess and a timeline that seems to go on forever. Now, imagine if your ready-made unit was delivered to your place and could be enjoyed in the same day. 


Modular construction allows us to deliver a finished product, on time and on budget with less waste of both materials and time. The construction is done in our factories in a safe and suitable environment.

My Cabin IKONAS_transparent-04.png

1. Configure your

Review all of the options for additional equipment and choose what you need.

My Cabin IKONAS_transparent-05.png

5. We start building your cabins

Construction begins in the MyCabin factory with our trained staff.

My Cabin IKONAS_transparent-02.png

2.  Ensure your building site qualifies

The MyCabin team will meet with you and your contractor to make sure your site is suitable for delivery and installation. We will align on the correct foundation based on your property.

My Cabin IKONAS_transparent-06.png

6. Groundwork and foundation

Once your permits are in order, the foundation and site prep work can begin.

My Cabin IKONAS_transparent-01.png

3. Apply for legal permits 

 If your municipality requires them, this is the time to get those permits in order. We will assist by providing all needed design documents and consult with you and your local contractor.

My Cabin IKONAS_transparent-07.png

7. Delivery and set-up

Your cabin is delivered on a truck and placed on the prepared foundation by crane, all in one day.

My Cabin IKONAS_transparent-03.png

4. Confirm your order details

You'll receive the final design with a summary of your add-ons, the estimated price with shipping, and the pre-contract for signing.

My Cabin IKONAS-08.png

8. Enjoy your new place!

Your new cabin is move-in ready. It’s really that fast and easy!


My Milla 25

Building site

6.89 x 3.59 m

Floor area 

26.80 m2

37 750 €

Constructions are build in MyCabin factory - safe and suitable environment


*Timeline is approximate, subject to several factors

Before we start, review the following items for your property:

  • Do you have the space?

  • Does zoning allow for an additional dwelling or accessory building on your property?

  • Can a truck and crane park within 60’ of your desired location?

  • If this will be the only unit on your property, will it meet minimum square footage ordinances or can you gain special approval?


It's very important to get all of the legal permits ready and complete.

Get in touch with your local municipality and with us to ensure that your site qualifies for building.