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Floor area 

135.00 m2


38.1 m2

MyMilla 100 is a fully equipped all-season residential house. The layout of the house is functional and every m2 are used. MyMilla 100 is a great alternative to buying an apartment.


It is also possible to agree on non-standard solutions: the color of the facade and color of interior materials, window and door profiles and tones. Contact us to find out more.

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Living room



Basic equipment 1st floor


My Milla 100

The basic package price
165 000 €

Building site

15.74 x 6.54 m (102.94 m2)

Living area

103.60 m2

Interior finish



Floor - stone mass tiles 600 x 600 mm; Shower - tiles Bianco matt. 50 x 50 mm.



The interior walls are finished with painted plasterboard.



Spruce boards 12 x 120mm, waxed white.



Interior doors


Smooth wooden interior doors with fittings and frames, painted white.


Exterior doors


3 glass double-glazed aluminum construction door, anthracite color on both sides.


Profile Rehau 3-pane double-glazed windows with plastic frame, frame color - anthracite on both sides.


Plumbing and sewerage network has been prepared.


Ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom.


Heated floors on the first floor of the house.


Wiring network prepared for 3 - phase connection to centralized electrical network. Built-in distribution cabinet, electrical sockets, light switches. Connection points for kitchen appliances are provided. Outputs for room lighting are prepared. Switches and sockets from Schneider Electric, dark gray. Facade lighting outputs are prepared.



Living room, bedrooms, 2nd floor loft: Svalbard OAK or Bolero OAK colors. MDF skirting boards.

Basic equipment

Foundations with installation on site

House construction on building site


The frame of the roof panel is made of wooden beams (C24);

Insulated with 250 mm mineral wool;

Roof structures provided with wind and steam insulation; Rolled metal roofing, sheet thickness - 0.5 mm - manufacturer "Balex Metal"

Exterior walls

Frame panel made of wooden posts (C24); Insulated with 250 mm thick mineral wool; Lined on the outside with spruce wood finishing boards 21 x 120 mm, anthracite color; Wall constructions are provided with wind and steam insulation

Windows and doors

Double-glazed windows and doors with plastic frame, frame color - anthracite on both sides

Additional equipment

Living room and its elements

Metal railing

(two sets)                                                                                    

Stairs to the 2nd floor loft


Sliding windows

(on the backyard side of the building)                 

3 150 €

4 500 

3 900 €

Heating and air conditioning system

NIBE heat pump

with installation and connection


Water pump

with installation and connection

Water filter system

with installation and connection

6 700 €



2 175 €


1 595 €

Outdoor facade elements

Water outlet outside the building

Facade lighting

Electric awning on the backyard side of the building

Electrical outlets outside the building, (color - dark grey)




construction with terrace boards from pine-tree (28x145mm, price 150 € / m2, minimum order 10m2. Installation together with the building according to the project)


595 €

3 550 €

50 €

255 €

All prices include VAT