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Price of the basic set
25 950 €

starting from

Floor area

14.90 m2

Artboard 3 copy 4@2x.png


Artboard 3 copy 3@2x.png


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Dining room

Basic equipment

kalmus LV tukss.png

My Kalmus

Building site

4.84 x 3.59 m ( 17.20 m2 )

Feel at peace in your own safe haven.

Regain strength to delve into new projects or make room for your guests. Design your environment in the way you have always wanted it to be. Feel the energy of nature in new things, letting it move through the body.


A home for you in 2 months. That is the time we need to construct and set up a building on your plot of land.


The price includes the full building set:

  • simple spread foundation with installation at the construction site,

  • constructing and setting-up the building at the construction site,

  • preparation of technical drawings on the land plan,

  • basic package.


It is also possible to agree on non-standard solutions: the color of the building facade, the choice and color of interior materials, window and door profiles and tones. Contact us for more details.

Living area

14 m2

Exterior finish


Spruce, finely sawed, top coat paint, grey tone (anthracite, RAL 7016)


Full waterproof layer 

Wall, floor and roof insulation: 150 mm wool

Interior fittings


Spruce, planed, 12 x 120, double waxed (translucent white tone)from 3 sides 


Steam insulation film



Laminate BIONYL PRO decor 1514 8mm 33kl  (white tone)

Insulation - wool (150mm)

The basic package includes

Simple spread foundation with installation


Classic C profile

My cabin light box on the facade (an inscription chosen by the client)

Electronic installation

1 lamp and 3 sockets

Windows and doors

Double-glazed glass windows and doors with PVC frames, anthracite on both sides

Additional equipment

Living room and its elements

The price with installation

Construction of the second floor

Wooden stairs to the second floor

(Dyed pine)  

Wooden fence on the 2nd floor


950 €

695 €

Heating and air conditioning system

Outdoor facade elements

The price with installation

293 € 

Outdoor facade lighting 


construction with terrace boards from Pine tree

(28 * 145, price 150 € / m2, minimum order 10 m2.

Installation together with the building according to the agreed project)

All prices include VAT

The price with installation

Firewood cast iron stove "Tara"(Manufacturer Plamen, Croatia)   

Electric convector

(ADAX NEO L with WiFi control)

2 500


316 €

Purchase procedure


Signing of the purchase agreement and conditions for purchase 

If you have been approached by the ideal holiday house, then the first step in its implementation is to sign a purchase agreement. After signing the contract, within 5 working days you must make the first deposit in the amount of 20% of the purchase amount to the My Cabin account specified in the contract. The moment the payment is received, the house is sold.


Constructing and setting-up the house

Our employees will ensure that you receive your dream holiday home, where you can spend leisurely weekends and carefree holidays, as soon as possible and without any difficulties. The My Cabin house will be set up at the place, within the term and by the date specified in the purchase agreement.


Purchase opportunities with a loan from Swedbank

Before signing the purchase agreement, we recommend that you consider your financial capabilities. In cooperation with Swedbank small home loan, buying a My Cabin holiday home is closer than ever. A simple solution without a down payment and without a deposit. While you complete the formalities, we will reserve the selected house for up to 1 week.

Find out your options.



My Cabin gives a warranty of 2 years and in case of any questions feel free to contact our specialists.

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