My Cabin holiday and residental houses are the most convenient solution for your leisure time.

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My Cabin is not only a great solution for a holiday and living house — it can also be placed on any plot of land according to your heart’s desire.



Classic C


Spruce, finely sawn, color covering, shade gray (anthracite)

Exterior finish


Spruce, planed, waxed (tone transparent white)

Interior fittings

Only quality materials are used in the construction of My Cabin. Sustainable materials provide a balanced and cozy environment where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life without worries.


Choose the best one for you


My Galia

A place for beauty. Relax in a hot bath house allowing the steam to run like clouds before a storm. Peace and quiet is achieved once you are at peace with yourself.

Building site

2.89 x 3.59 m

Living area

6 m2

Floor area

9 m2

21 950  €

(All prices include VAT)

My Kalmus

Feel at peace in your own safe haven.

Regain strength to delve into new projects or make room for your guests. Design your environment in the way you have always wanted it to be. Feel the energy of nature in new things, letting it move through the body.

Building site

4.84 x 3.59 m (17.20 m2)

Living area

14 m2

Floor area

14.90 m2

25 950  €

(All prices include VAT)


My Milla 25

For enlightenment of the soul. The centre of the new world and the cross point of everything. It all begins with knowing yourself — everything begins with being in peace and harmony with yourself and the environment around you.

Building site

6.89 x 3.59 m (24.4 m2)

Living area

20.90 m2

Floor area

26.80 m2

37 750  €

(All prices include VAT)

My Milla Long

My Milla Long is a small all-season residential or holiday house. The layout of the house includes a kitchen and living room area, a bathroom, a bedroom and a loft on the second floor, where You can create a children's bedroom or lounge.

Building site

10.44 x 3.59 m (37.48m2)

Living area with second floor

47.80 m2

54 000  €

(All prices include VAT)


My Cabin set

Full three-building set which consists of My Milla two-story residential house, My Kalmus additional residential house and My Galia household building/bath house. 

Building site

50 m2

Living area

40.9 m2

Floor area

48.9 m2

77 950  €

(All prices include VAT)